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Affordable Health Care Advantage Program

Medical Network for Personal Injury Victims that do not have Health Insurance

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Medical Providers receiving financing of Liens and partnering with AHF on Settlement

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Concierge Service

We are not medical providers; we help facilitate the coordination of services between medical providers and their patients.

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Medical Lien Factoring

Financing Letters of Protection (LOP's / Medical Liens) on Personal Injury cases.

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About American Horizon Financial

American Horizon Financial (AHF) is an innovative finance company that finances health care for personal injury victims that don’t have adequate health insurance. AHF employs various different methods to accomplish this by incorporating the traditional methods, innovating new models, and staying flexible for potential markets. Established by insurance, finance, healthcare, and systems development entrepreneurs, AHF has revolutionized and continues to improve upon the funding and delivery of accident related health care, to the benefit of underinsured accident victims, medical providers, and PI attorneys alike

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Don't Get Caught in Collections and Underwriting Nightmares

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Why American Horizon Financial

• Get paid better and more quickly than traditional Medical Lien Factoring with up front payments and pre-negotiated fee schedules

• Be confident in the personal injury patients you treat. American Horizon will analyze each case as part of the underwriting process and will cover 100% of underwriting costs, regardless of the conclusions. This pre-authorization saves money and reduces your risk.

• Eliminate lengthy and frustrating collection issues. AHF provides funds up front on a fee schedule and will take care of collections at the time of settlement.

• Preserve medical provider & attorney relationships. AHF understands that the relationship between attorneys and health care providers involves a great deal of trust. We work to preserve and maintain these integral relationships. Unlike most funding companies, AHF allows medical centers to settle their bills with attorneys, in order to preserve this important relationship.

• Grow your business with referral patients from our extensive network of Personal Injury attorneys.

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